Chinatown LA. (PT 1)

An integral ingredient in my lifestyle work is authenticity. The ability to take everyday moments and make new images from them. This journey of sort in my commercial world has fueled my curiosity and fascination about life itself and culture.

Daily Thoughts: #1

Just as you cannot love anyone else until you love yourself, you cannot be true to anyone else until you are true to yourself.  Begin by not being afraid to be who you are! 

That Moment

There's that moment, just as you start to shoot, that you can choose to see the barrel of a camera in two ways: That you are it's target. (Ready! Aim! Fire!)

What's the best creative advice you've recieved? I share mine...

So I truly believe that having a small community around what you do is important. Without this community I really would not have accomplished what I did in 2015. I am super thankful for that, and when I started winding down last year and starting my outlook for 2016 I felt compelled to ask some in my community one really important question that I wanted answered. " What was the best creative advice you've received in 2015?"