The truth is that ideas are shit. Everyone's Got It / by Kenwyn Alexander

 Heather Lin

Heather Lin

So yeah I know that it sounds a bit harsh, but read on. There's some meat here.

I have UNLIMITED ideas. If you have the idea that’s nice, but if you don’t have the dollars or the  support, hustle, perseverance, inventory, well then, you have nothing. So, the only way you can do something about that is to go ahead an do something about it.

Practicality matters.

Passion, which I have a lot of, is great. Ideas transcend the world, and I agree, BUT it comes down to execution and practicality which actually allow these things to become true. That’s what matters. That’s what the people we look up to have done. They have taken the thoughts from their head and they’ve actually made them happen.

They put the work in, they hustled, and they made their ideas come to life. They weren’t proud of simply having a good idea.


Much thanks to my mentor  Gary V for this slap in the face...