7 Days of Inspiration / by Kenwyn Alexander

Kelsey Taylor

Sometimes Art & Life's just not a bed of roses right? Finding that much needed creative spark can be hard sometimes. On those days, weeks what do you do? Where do you turn to find the magic again? Well I dig deep. Really deep. I look for every reason to stay positive. And even though that can be hard itself, you have to go for it. While having one of those days last week I found  7 inspirational quotes from some of my creative hero's that helped turn my day around. Surprisingly these 7 quotes became the fuel for my inspiration all week. Hence the reason I am sharing. If you're having a hard day, or week I hope this helps a little. Stay strong...

1. “Real growth is constant skin-shedding; slithering beyond all comfort zones, right past disapproving faces to catch the mouse you REALLY want.” — Miss Aniela

2. “Your fear doesn’t make you weird. It makes you normal.” — Tim Grahl

3. “I’m tempted to tell up & coming artists to NOT study art. Study money, business & marketing. You’ll learn the art naturally out of passion.” — Jeremy Cowart

 Brenna Washburn

Brenna Washburn

4. “When you find your passion, you find your purpose.” — Brooke Shaden

5. “The point isn’t really about creating your dreams, it’s about believing you can be successful at whatever you choose to imagine.” — Chase Jarvis

6. “Own up to what you want. Run towards it. Run from what you hate.” — Sue Bryce

7. “Art making, while enormously rewarding, can also be rife with disappointment and feelings of vulnerability. The idea is to make friends with the struggle and continue (stubbornly) on your own path.” — Lisa Congdon