Secret to more authentic, happier days

Kenwyn Alexander- Life game plan

I have many moments of self doubt.

 It happens more often than I’d like to admit, and even more so now that my living depends on the what i create. It is part of the creative entrepreneur's journey..

Now. If you let these emotions takeover, it's not good. It is a must that we understand that having a strong inner game often makes the difference between success, and failure on this journey.

Our inner game has a mix of all af the things we feel. Fear, Bliss, Joy, Owning It, Hesitance, Vulnerability and such. It also affects everything we do, and say. The trick to owning it is understanding it. If we are feeling insecure, it is most likely that our inner game is off. Our inner game is off because we are not at optimal level. So, to get to optimal level we need to fill our tanks. There are three tanks/buckets in our lives that we need to focus on keeping filled to avoid or overcome an off inner game...

These are called the “When Life Was Working” tanks/buckets. Take a sheet of paper. Write these three categories across the top.




These categories are the root core of what makes up our lives, and inner game. When we are depleted in one or more of them, insecurity, and all the negative shit creeps in. See, we need to take care of ourselves first. We need to put our own oxygen masks on before we put masks on others.

Take 10 minutes to write under each category specific things at times that you feel or felt fulfilled in each one. They need to be specific, actionable items. You can see mine below as an example. You can borrow some of mine, but this is different for everyone.

Now, the idea is to be doing at least 1/4th of all of these a day to keep our tanks filled. If your inner game is off, chances are you’re not taking care of yourself in these areas. Life gets busy, and it’s easy for it to slide by without us taking care of ourselves.

I am about to keep this in my conscious mind and work on feeling these things myself, but in connecting the dots, this works.

The cure for an off inner game is self-care. What’s on your list?