Photographing Food

Ok, so there are times when it's totally out of line to be snapping pics of food. If you're out to a fancy restaurant with the family, it's totally not cool. But food is a great subject! At home or out and about, mainly because it's such a huge part of everyday life. So, when you are snapping a pic of your lunch or perfectly staging that bowl of ice cream before you devour it, here are 5 tips I use:


1. Natural light is your friend.

  •  Take advantage of daylight. Move closer to a window for best results.

2. Food styling isn't just for food stylists.

  •  You chose what's in the picture. Be picky.


3. Try different angles

  •  From above, sideways, to the right/ left...see what looks best.


4. Fill the frame

  • Make your subject fill the image space.


5. Pour, Sprinkle, Bite.

  •  Now if you do 1 through 4, and your images still look a little dull. Take a bite of it! For real. Moments captured while interacting with food also look cool.

Have fun with it. Submit your images/questions by Monday 11:59pm to

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