What's the best creative advice you've recieved? I share mine... / by Kenwyn Alexander

So I truly believe that having a small community around what you do is important. Without this community I really would not be were I am currently. I definitely would not have accomplished what I did in 2015,  I am super thankful for that. When I started winding down last year and was beginning to craft my outlook for 2016 I felt compelled to ask some of my friends within this community one really important question that I wanted answered. And that question was " What was the best creative advice you've received in 2015?" Reading the replies coming in was quite inspiring especially as this topic is just not something I've discussedopenly with this group really. I compiled the answers I received, and some will be used as part of my strategic planning this year. And as usual I thought it would be cool to share some of these nuggets with you guys. Happy 2016!

Caitlyn Goebel (Wardrobe Stylist/ Art Director/ Friend)

Stay true to yourself. It's easy to try to please people, and conform to what they want for you. It's important to remember why you get hired. They believe in you, and want you to bring your own talent and eye to the project at hand. So yeah try to be confident in that. :)

Samantha Jelinek (Model- Amax Talent/ Medical Student/ Friend)

Keep pushing yourself! Don't be afraid to try something new, even if it scares you. Don't turn down great opportunities because you think you're not ready. Doing it is how you get ready :)

Shannon Crutchfield (Art Director- Big Communications/ Friend)

Explore the "What If". If you tell me I can't, I'll show you one hundred ways that I can

Max Rykov (Production/ Comedy/ Enemy)

Remind yourself often why you started doing what you do. Especially when things get complicated or muddled. Get back to the root.

Karla Khodanian (Digital Community Manager- Big Communications/ Friend)

Trust the process- Things take time, but believing in yourself and the work you're doing will get you to exactly where you need to be. Also collaboration is essential to the creative process. You can't always do it on your own. Get your energy and creative spark from those around you.

Brennan Brown (Sports Marketing & International Business Student/ Friend)

A lot of people try too hard in their work to mimic others, and get to obsessed with trying to convey an image from that persons point od view or mindset. While it is ok to draw inspiration from other's work, don't think less of your ideas and views just because they're yours. Sometimes it's caused by laziness because people have a clear vision of their own, but they are not willing to put in the work it takes to produce the result. Art is not finite, it is your own interpretation, even if it makes no sense to others, people will still love what they don't understand because it's human nature.

Will Lochamy (Television & Radio host for SEC Network/ Birmingham Mountain Radio/ Friend)

Be easy to work with. The round peg for the round hole. Be the person that everyone WANTS to work.

Kenwyn Alexander (Photographer)

I think that people grossly underestimate the importance of having a unique creative style here locally. And I believe that it is due to the fear of "missing out".  You can attempt to be everything for everyone, but I believe the long term market is going to be highly successful for people/ artists that are specialists in what they do.

Thanks for reading!!