Oh Birmingham- Why do we fear being authentic?


Random thoughts below.....

Hannah Godwin

Hannah Godwin



“Well I think it's because we fear discovering that we are more than we think we are. More than our parents/children/teachers think we are.

“We fear that we actually possess the talent that our still, small voice tells us. That we actually have the guts, the perseverance, the capacity.”

So, we follow. We attempt to "one up" our fellow artists within our community. We gain confidence when we see someone else taking the risk. We then try our best to do it better.

They and we deserve and yearn for more work that pushes the bounderies. Work so far out there, and so unique that we will never think about copying, but be inspired to take risk ourselves. But I guess this is more of a culture shift needed.

We have an audience here in Birmingham that deserves more than re-hashed and re-purposed.

Make the pledge for authenticity. Or at least try to. Let go of the fears. Also encourage others to. Yes it is the most terrifying prospect a human being can face. Yes we've been hardwired this way. For a number of years actually. But I do think that we as a city, or artists within, can start a new trend. A trend that broadens the art culture vs. the terrible alternative.

Try to be different, not just better.