21 Pilots @ Iron City Bham 09/19/2014 / by Kenwyn Alexander

You must note that I am still buzzing from this show. Wow!

After the two fantastic opening acts Vinyl Theatre, and MisterWives you could feel the collective excitement in the crowd. The air was buzzing.  

When Twenty One Pilots appeared on stage, the crowd went absolutely nuts. They immediately blasted off. From there on, their energy never faltered. The Columbus, Ohio duo know a thing or two about stage presence. The crowd was under their spell for the entire show. Unique elements, and whit made the audience feel like part of the band- Tyler sang part of “Holding On To You” being held up, literally, by the audience and Josh drummed part of “Semi-Automatic” on a full drum kit in the crowd supported by the audience members. While Tyler was doing his signature twitchy dance moves and sprinting, and jumping around the stage, Josh was playing the drums like there was no tomorrow, obvious that they thrive while live. They played the majority of the songs off their newest album, Vessel, but offered up a few from their older albums as well. Not surprisingly, the fanatical crowd still knew every word.

"We want our fans to leave all of their problems at the door and immerse themselves in the music, the moment, when we perform live,"

The  energy of this Twenty One Pilots concert was something special. Their genre is best defined as undefined. I’ve not seen another show that rivals it. They kept the Sold Out Iron City Bham crowd dancing, jumping, and singing lyrics at the top of their lungs for the entire show. Completely lost in the music. I was right there with them...